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Flexible Printed Circuit Board Synopsis

At early stage, the main applications of Flexible Printed Circuit Board (hereafter refers to as flexible board) are in the field of connection in small or thin shape electronic mechanism and hard board. Flexible Printed Circuit Board (Flexible Printed Circuit, FPC) has the nature characteristics like light, thin & small, may curving, low voltage, and low consumption in power so on….

Color STN is the main growing power of TN/STN LCD

The domestic manufacturer invested Color STN LCD aggressively from 1999. But so far, the production line of Color STN LCD can’t be in mass production, these Color STN LCD manufacturers produce the single color STN LCD primarily.

‧Li-ion Battery
Li-ion Battery Product Sketch

Because 3C products such as electronics, information, and communication and so on are trending to be the wireless and the portable direction development, the requirement for parts to the product needed to be high performance and the goal to make great strides forward “light, thin, also short, and small”. Therefore, the demand is quite urgent regarding to the secondary battery which has volume small, weight light, and high energy density. The small secondary batteries are including nickel cadmium cell, nickel hydrogen battery and lithium ion battery.

‧Magnesium Alloy
The magnesium alloy the demand will continue to increase in the future

The magnesium alloy has the merits of light mass (specific gravity approximately 1.8), the high intensity, the good resistance of corrosion, the strong radiation, the high anti-knocking capability, and so on anti-electromagnetic wave. Also the Earth contains in rich of this element, don’t need to worry about unexpected deficient. Deep environmental protection viewpoint, its recovery is also easy, so it is even from the production to abandon, and will not create pollution to the ecology greatly.

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